Bologna -San Luca walking[Private Departure]

Walking Bologna San Luca let you walk along the longest portico in the world. The path is all paved and it takes out from the city to reach the Colle della Guardia hill, rewarding you with great panoramic views. On the way up the guide will tell you the hystory of the portico and then, once at the top you will visit the Santuario della B.V. of San Luca. This church was built by Bologna inhabitants to honour an old bizantine icon of the Vergin Mary, hearth of the sanctuary that is still kept in it: a legend says that it was painted by St. Luc the evangelist himself. This special place is visited still today by many locals led by their faith or just whishing to take an energizing walk. More info: The first stretch is flat for about 2.9Km (1.8 Mls) so we can warm-up. From the Arco del Meloncello crossing the way goes up for 2.3 Km (1.4 Mls) to the top. The terrain is a mix of paved ramps and stable flight of steps. If you prefere it is possible to cut the first section with a public bus ride. After the visit of the sanctuary the guide will help you in choosing an option for the way back among taxi, public bus, touristic train (when running) or walking down. Notes: The sanctuary is under opening times and other visit restrictions due to religious celebrations. Being the time of those events sometime impossible to be known in advance we can not 100% guarantee the access of it.

Bologna by bike [Public departure]

Bologna by bike offers you a fun + active discovery of Bologna: with an official tour guide we will pedal through the various city areas, as the lively University of Bologna district, the ghetto and the old docks, where today are the Modern Art Museum MAMBO and the Cineteca Fratelli Lumière. We will see gardens in town and certainly I portici - the porticos - on which Bologna claims the world primate - and the main monuments. We will cross on our way Bologna food markets, hearth of Bologna's traditional food, where you can spot the character of the Bolognesi. The tour allows to get oriented in the city and offers ideas on how to continue your discovery of the beautiful Bologna. More Info: The tour offers confortable cruiser bikes and always includes radio whisperers for a better enjoyment. The tour, led by a professional tour guide, is bilingual (Italian + English); for other languages you can contact us for a “Bologna by bike” Private tour. In case of bad weather: if the guide evaluates conditions as safe the bike tour is starting and rain coats will be provided; if the guide evaluates as 'not safe to go' on a bike it is generally offered in alternative a Bologna walking tour.

Bologna Early Ride – Road bike [Private dep.]

Bologna Early Ride is our guided tour for those who want to kick off the day with an energetic ride on a road bike in the early-birds hour. The route will take us between Bologna and its outskirts and its points of strenght are the timing, to beat the rush hour, and the itinerary, choosen to avoid at maximum breaks and ensure a smooth and safe ride. It starts in the city to then leave out of it with an itinerary choosen by the leader according to group preferences, abilities and other issues like weather conditions. More Info: You can either ride your own bicycle if you have it OR rent a road bike with a special price (for more informations send a request from the Bikes page of this website). Distance, speed and pace of the ride will vary according to the partecipants and other factors like weather conditions. Our aim is not to offer a bike competition but an enjoybale and dynamic sightseeing around the Bologna area.

Bologna Food markets walking [Private]

Bologna food walk is an easy urban walking (Aprox. 4.0 Km/3.0 Mls) with a local tour guide which specially prepared in gastronomy, across food markets and traditional food stores with the aim to discover authentical places and genuine tastes of traditional Bolognese gastronomy. Along our walk you will ear about regional specialities like Parmigiano-Reggiano and Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale of Modena, and Bologna typical food like Mortadella, Tortellini, Certosino, and how they are protected and guarantees from imitations. We also will introduce to you the main regional wines, that have wide range of differences, and you will have some chance for small tastings, in respect of your dietary restrictions if you have some. Being this an active tour the pace we offer is dynamic, nonetheless it will be always possible to shop exactly as locals do, and its scenery will be the city centre so you can glance and take photos of the most beautifull artistical monuments and unique architectures to enhance your experience of the Learned, Fat, Red Bologna

Ferrara by bike [Public departure]

Ferrara by bike is the ideal way to discover the City of Bicycles! Ferrara has indeed the top bike-per-abitant rate in Europe. But Ferrara is also a very jewel of the Italian Reinaissance. With the Estense Castle and the astonishing Palazzo dei Diamanti the city is enlisted in Unesco World Heritage for the oldest city urbanistic development plan by its duke Hercules 1st (1492). Beetwen Middle-age and Renaissance we will discover how the history of Ferrara is strictly related to the Po river and how the town and its territory have been modeled by terrible natural events and man's labour to control and use waters at his advantage. The old-but-still-kicking Ferrara University bring vitality into the historical center, and the Ghetto area shows the presence of the various Jewish communities (Italian, Askenazi ans Sefardi) to which the Estensi dukes offered protection in 1400s and 1500s. Those who love pictures should not forget their cameras while foodies will appreciate how unique Ferrara's gastronomy also roots in its territory and history. The tour offers orientation and ideas to explore the many beautiful places out of the beaten path. The tour offers confortable bikes and always includes radio whisperers for a better enjoyment. The tour, lead by a Professional Tour Guide, is bilingual (Italian + English); for other language you can contact us for a Ferrara by bike private tour. In case of bad weather conditions that the guide evaluates as safe the tour is starting and rain coats will be provided for free; in case of conditions that the guide evaluates as unsafe on a bike it is generally offered in alternative a Ferrara walking tour, including a small traditional food tasting.