Ferrara by bike [Public departure]

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Ferrara by bike is the ideal way to discover the City of Bicycles! Ferrara has indeed the top bike-per-abitant rate in Europe. But Ferrara is also a very jewel of the Italian Reinaissance. With the Estense Castle and the astonishing Palazzo dei Diamanti the city is enlisted in Unesco World Heritage for the oldest city urbanistic development plan by its duke Hercules 1st (1492). Beetwen Middle-age and Renaissance we will discover how the history of Ferrara is strictly related to the Po river and how the town and its territory have been modeled by terrible natural events and man's labour to control and use waters at his advantage. The old-but-still-kicking Ferrara University bring vitality into the historical center, and the Ghetto area shows the presence of the various Jewish communities (Italian, Askenazi ans Sefardi) to which the Estensi dukes offered protection in 1400s and 1500s. Those who love pictures should not forget their cameras while foodies will appreciate how unique Ferrara's gastronomy also roots in its territory and history. The tour offers orientation and ideas to explore the many beautiful places out of the beaten path.

The tour offers confortable bikes and always includes radio whisperers for a better enjoyment. The tour, lead by a Professional Tour Guide, is bilingual (Italian + English); for other language you can contact us for a Ferrara by bike private tour. In case of bad weather conditions that the guide evaluates as safe the tour is starting and rain coats will be provided for free; in case of conditions that the guide evaluates as unsafe on a bike it is generally offered in alternative a Ferrara walking tour, including a small traditional food tasting.

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  • Rampari San Paolo area
  • Via delle Volte
  • San Giorgio Martire cathedral
  • Via Mazzini and jewish ghetto
  • Castello Estense
  • Palazzo dei Diamanti
  • Corso Ercole 1st
  • Addizione Erculea bastions
  • Piazza Ariostea


  • Price: 35 Eur/Pax – Contact us for a Ferrara Private Tour
  • Language: Italian + English
  • Meeting Point: In front of Ferrara train station, Piazzale Della Stazione, 1, Ferrara
  • Distance: 10 Km
  • Children: Childen on bike seat FREE; Children up to 12 years on own bike 15,00 Eur
  • The tour includes: Guide, bike usage, helmet, rain coat if necessary
  • The tour does not include: Pick-up, tips
  • What to bring: Comfortable clothes for biking according with the season conditions
  • Duration: 2 hrs.
  • Difficulty: Easy terrain with relax pace. Be prepared to share the streets with other motorists