Marcello Amadori

Who we are <Versione Italiana>

Bologna bike tour is a project started in 2016 by Marcello Amadori, tour guide with a more than 15 years experience in leading active vacations such as bike tours and walking tours in Italy and in other European countries like France, Netherlands, Spain and Austria.

Bologna bike tour operates in tourism industry and it offers active tours where the visiting and discovery is associated with a walking or bike riding activitiy.



Vision: Bologna bike tour believes in the actual tourism potential of Emilia-Romagna and it promotes tourism experiences; at the same time it is commited in preserving the diversity of the specific territories promoting genuinity. It is also commited in combining toghether high quality services and environmental sustainability.


Mission: Bologna bike tour aims to promote the excellencies of Emilia-Romagna by offering quality active tourism tours with a direct experiency approach. Bologna bike tour supports “slow tourism” by providing tools to those who travel on foot or on a bicycle across the Emilia Romagna region using walkways and secondary roads.


Values: Bologna bike tour offers quality services at the best value; to do this it follows these three main guidelines: 1) Elimination and/or reduction at maximum of all brokerage costs; 2) Accurate selection of all the trustable partners we work with such as licensed tour guides and other service providers; 3) Customer care: all the feedbacks from our guests are promptly and attentively read and taken in consideration to keep on the way to improve quality on all our services.

More informations: Bologna bike tour is not a travel agency nor is a tour operator company; in accordance with all Italian laws and requirements Bologna bike tour offers Half day or Full day guided tours that are never to be intended as tour-packages assembling other services such as lodging or transportations. In case on our website we present such products as tour-packages, that means that we offer one of the services composing the package and we clearly indicate the name of the tour operator that is the responsible organizer for that product and to which the service could be purchased.


Bikes: Bologna bike tour does not rent bikes. The “Bikes” page on our website aims to introduce the bikes we use for our tours and also allows you to contact our recommended rental partners if you aim to rent bicyles. This service we offer does not add any extra cost for you.


Come with us to discover Emilia-Romagna!